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Mostly used file format 4 Designers

File extension is generally three letters or digit at the end of a file name after a dot [.] mark which separates the filename form the extension. These letters or digits indicate the computer what format the file has been saved in or what type of file it is.

The filename extension was originally used to easily determine the file’s type. There are as many different file formats as there are different programs to process the files. While it may not be possible to remember all of them but it is helpful to remember some of the common extensions. Here we will discuss about the very basic/common file extension used by designers such as .jpg, .gif, .html, and others.

From the Photoshop designers basically export the following file extensions:

From the Illustrator designers basically export the following file extensions:

Raster Image Files

  • .bmp = Bitmap Image File
  • .gif = Graphical Interchange Format File
  • .jpg = JPEG Image File
  • .png = Portable Network Graphic
  • .psd = Adobe Photoshop Document
  • .tif = Tagged Image File
Vector Image Files

  • .ai = Adobe Illustrator File
  • .eps = Encapsulated PostScript File
  • .ps = PostScript File
  • .svg = Scalable Vector Graphics File
Web Files

  • .asp = Active Server Page
  • .css = Cascading Style Sheet
  • .htm = Hypertext Markup Language File
  • .html = Hypertext Markup Language File
  • .jsp = Java Server Page
  • .php = Hypertext Preprocessor File
  • .rss = Rich Site Summary
  • .xhtml = Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File
Font Files

  • .fnt = Windows Font File
  • .fon = Generic Font File
  • .otf = OpenType Font
  • .ttf = TrueType Font
Text Files

  • .doc = Microsoft Word Document
  • .docx = Microsoft Word Open XML Document
  • .msg = Outlook Mail Message
  • .pages = Pages Document
  • .txt = Plain Text File
  • .wpd = WordPerfect Document
Data Files

  • .pps = PowerPoint Slide Show
  • .ppt = PowerPoint Presentation
  • .pptx = PowerPoint Open XML Presentation
  • .xml = XML File
Audio Files

  • .mp3 = MP3 Audio File
  • .wma = Windows Media Audio File
Video Files

  • .mp4 = MPEG-4 Video File
  • .mpg = MPEG Video File
  • .wmv = Windows Media Video File
  • .rm = Real Media File
  • .swf = Shockwave Flash Movie
  • .vob = DVD Video Object File
  • .avi = Audio Video Interleave File
  • .flv = Flash Video File
3D Image Files

  • .max = 3ds Max Scene File
Page Layout Files

  • .indd = Adobe InDesign Document
  • .pct = Picture File
  • .pdf = Portable Document Format File
Spreadsheet Files

  • .xls = Excel Spreadsheet
  • .xlsx = Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
Compressed Files


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  1. M.Ali June 14, 2011 at 9:53 am

    WoW! You saved my life. I am looking for this. This is very helpful.

  2. Bella June 14, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    This is very helpful and interesting to know about our everyday using file formats. Thanks for the post! 🙂

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